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peace, Stephanie Cole (Madeline's Mom)

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Imago Project

Welcome to October. A month that is designated as a time to raise awareness and remember all the precious babies who have died. Sweet Pea Project kicked off the month with our first ever fundraising event and will hold an eco-friendly balloon release on the 15th, but that still leaves quite a few days in the month. Catherine Bayly, mother to Sophie and creator of the poetry blog The Lifespan of Butterflies, has an idea for what you can do with those days: The Imago Project.

The Imago Project began as Catherine's challenge to herself, to write a poem or piece of prose every day this month. I am excited to be participating in her project, challenging myself to create a piece of artwork or writing each day during the month of October. This month is a particularly busy one for me, and so I am glad for the "assignment" of this project to give me permission to stop, quiet my mind, explore what I find in the silence and create something with what I discover there.

October 1st is an annual bad day for me, the anniversary of my father's death. But I am focusing on reclaiming bad days for hope and positivity this year, so what a perfect day to start this project. While my youngest napped, my 2 1/2 year old and I sat down with some crayons and pencils to draw pictures of sycamore leaves and talk about his grandpa. The next day I went hiking and did some photography. And late last night I wrote a Tanka.

nearly four years since
i saw you, held you, kissed you
but i know your soul
and feel your spirit with me
madeline, you were not lost

Maybe a month long challenge like this is too overwhelming for you to accept at this time, but perhaps you might consider trying for one a week or maybe just one piece for the entire month. Even if nothing comes out of it, carving out some time to quiet your mind and sit with your emotions can be a beautiful thing. And if you find the space allows you to create something you'd like to share, I would be honored to add it to the Beauty In The Breakdown's Community Gallery. I hope this month is a peaceful one for you. A creative one, too.


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  1. Stephanie, thank you for adding my project to your beautiful site.

    And, I hope this call gives you as much peace as it's given me. You're right about the moment of pause. That, in and of itself, is as important as anything that comes out of it.