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peace, Stephanie Cole (Madeline's Mom)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gifts that Give Hope

The holidays are tough for bereaved parents. A simple decorated tree can bring a mother to her knees as she realizes that she will never see the colorful lights reflected in her child's eyes. I still struggle sometimes when sending out Christmas cards, because there is a little girl missing from our family portrait. This is our 5th Christmas without Madeline, and it still hurts more that words can say.

This year Sweet Pea Project is offering a way for you to shop for the holidays while honoring your child and helping a newly bereaved mom at the same time.  Sweet Pea Project is participating in Gifts That Give Hope, an annual alternative gift fair that offers the opportunity to purchase meaningful holiday gifts in support of non-profit organizations working to create a better world. When you buy a gift at the alternative gift fair, you will receive a card and insert to give as a present.

Sweet Pea Project is offering three gifts this year:
$10.00: A soft blanket will be provided to a new mom to cradle her baby in for the first and only time
$25.00: Five copies of the book Still. will be donated to newly bereaved families
$50.00: A 6 month supply of receiving blankets will be sent to a hospital to swaddle stillborn babies

You may make your purchase online right now by visiting the online alternative gift fair by going to http://giftsthatgivehope.org/lancaster/index.php?pg=shop, then scroll down to Sweet Pea Project and click view.  And if you are in the area, you won't want to miss the actual gift fair at the Farm & Home Center in Lancaster, PA next Sunday, November 20, from 10am-4pm.  There will be lots of delicious food, fair trade items and childrens activities (and of course Beth, Nicole, Richy and I will be there!) so we really hope you'll come visit us.  More info and directions to the fair can be found at http://giftsthatgivehope.org/lancaster/index.php?pg=info 

As always, thank you so much for your support.  Hope to see you next week!
Stephanie Cole

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