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peace, Stephanie Cole (Madeline's Mom)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Butterfly Tree Children's Mural

The death of a baby can be very difficult on a child. They witness their parents wrestling with overwhelming grief, and struggle with their own feelings of sadness and confusion. These children deserve a day just to be carefree children, playing with their parents in the sunshine and having fun, and each year Sweet Pea Project offers those families that kind of a day at their annual Sweet Pea Sisters & Brothers Picnic.  At this year's picnic, 106 children decorated paper butterflies with watercolor paint, acrylic paint, colored pencils, crayons, markers, and glitter glue in honor of their sisters and brothers.  Artist and Sweet Pea Project founder, Stephanie Paige Cole, then helped the children create a giant mural using their butterflies as leaves on a butterfly tree.  The mural will be unveiled on National Children's Grief Awareness Day, November 21st, with a special cookies and cocoa reception for the artists who created this touching piece of art at Manheim Township Public Library, and will remain on display there during regular library hours from November 21-30.  During the mural's stay, the library will have Sweet Pea Project community event videos available for viewing.  They will also have books specially chosen to suit this topic and Sweet Pea Project informational brochures will be available as well.   To learn more about our annual children's picnic and the ways in which we strive to create fun and healthy ways for children to express their grief, please visit www.sweetpeaproject.org/picnic.  

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